Nothing is more annoying than a tree that removing a tree in your yard and the giant stump continues to stare at you. Having a pristine yard and landscaping is tough to accomplish when you haven't removed the stump. When you have a tree stump lingering in your yard, it can be dangerous to people who are walking through the yard. A lingering stump is going to attract bugs, and annoying pest that you thought was going to eliminated when you cut down the tree. It is one thing to have them in your yard, but another when they creep into your house.

Upon removal of a tree, grinding the stump is a critical component. The process of stump grinding is achieved using a high rpm stump grinding machine which processes your stump into great wood chips which return to your soil as mulch. Stumps are traditionally grinded into 8-10” below existing soil grade. Root pruning is often desirable to stop the spread of trouble roots near houses, fences or concrete.

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